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I'm not sure if this is the right place (feel free to move this if it's not!) but I just watched Professor Carol's interview with Sammy Nestico--it's a video under the "resource" menu item--and it just knocked my socks off! I was in tears (the good kind) at the end with his heartwarming anecdotes, and the adorable clips of Carol, Sammy, and his desktop musical toys were fantastic!

I was in a jazz band at a public school in Honolulu, Hawaii when I encountered Sammy Nestico for the first time. I didn't really understand his connection to all the sheet music we were using because the tunes were mostly Basie, but we played his albums (back in the days of vinyl) over and over and over again. Some of my friends recorded the albums to tape and we blasted them in the car as we cruised around town on weekend evenings. Talk about the impact that music education in the schools made on my life--I was a "band geek" and a complete non-athlete--and my experiences in concert band, jazz band, and the state youth orchestra literally helped create the person I am today. Sammy Nestico mentioned using "concept" when he arranged pieces--well, HE was the "concept" that our jazz band relied on! We knew that if he had arranged it, then he liked it and it was "good taste." I can still hear "Wind Machine" and "A Warm Breeze" in my mind and my palms get sweaty because I had big solos in those pieces!

I had no idea that video was there, and I'm so glad I found it! This made my day! [smile]
Professor Carol

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What a pleasure it is to read your post.  Your comments are spot-on! there's such grace and style in both the man and his music.  We were so fortunate to get to know him, all of it coming from work I do at the Dallas Wind Symphony.  They had a dedicated concert of Sammy Nestico's compositions (wonderful as you can imagine) and I decided to ask for a phone interview to help me prepare the preconcert lectures I give.  That led to a podcast (which you might also enjoy) that you can find here.  And that led to us being able to visit him in California and make the video interview.  As you can see, it was one set of fortuitous circumstances after another. 

Your post brought tears (the good kind) to my eye!  Someone like Nestico has touched the lives of countless people across the generations.  And always will.  It's a grand example of how one person works with dedication and selflessness, and builds a legacy.  We are al blessed to be part of his legacy. 

Thank you for posting your comments here.  Post any time!

Best regards,
Professor Carol 
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