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Just popping in to cheer loudly for Professor Carol's 4/20/16 post on Indian music and getting out of your comfort zone. Hurray!

Some will remember the movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2008. It also won for Best Original Score and Best Original Song, both composed by A.R. Rahman. I've listened to a lot of his music via streaming music services, and it's fantastic, a really daring and creative mishmash of classical Indian and electronic music, with classical thrown in for good measure.

I've been to performances of classical Arabic music in Cairo, Egypt, and had the experience of sitting through what sounded like a cadenza that went on and on for 10 straight minutes--when suddenly, just as my mind was wandering, the entire audience would roar and grown men would be on their feet, shouting and weeping into handkerchiefs. My Arabic isn't very good, and my neighbors would explain to me that the singer had hit some particular poetic phrase--something so beautiful that the audience would roar and weep.

We don't tend to do that at Carnegie Hall, do we? But these moments where you cross some kind of boundary and get a glimpse into what touches people--they are fantastic. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more these kinds of experiences are available to you.
Professor Carol

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Thank you so much for this wonderful reply.  You are so right in all you wrote, getting out of our (musical/cultural) comfort zones, learning how to listen to a musical system that we weren't raised up in--or at least learning a little bit about how to listen.  We forget that we're all acculturated to artistic systems--especially musical ones.  All of those precious nursery songs and rhymes are teaching us the rhythms and melodic contours of what will grow to be Beethoven and Gershwin and whatever else catches our fancy.  Jumping into a fully formed tradition as an adult will take us back to those basic stages.  I always appreciate your comments!

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